Our Green Advantage

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UPDATE – January 1, 2010:

In 2009, through our energy creation and saving culture, we generated 36% of our own electricity (combining human and solar power), and we saved 37,000 Kilowatt hours or 85% (compared to traditional gyms per square foot).Those 37,000 Kilowatt hours saved are equal to:

74,000 pounds of carbon emissions
81,400 miles not driven
15 acres of trees planted

  • Lower electricity costs
  • Lower water bill
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Cleaner conscience

The Green Microgym provides a comfortable and effective workout space that also strives to be self-sustaining. We have developed an environment wherein we can reduce our total carbon emissions by 60% (Figure 1) while still maintaining a first-rate, state-of-the-art gym facility that provides our members with a great workout experience.

Some of the ways we achieve our goal of sustainability and reduced emissions:

  • Energy-producing cardio equipment (ellipticals and stationary bikes)
  • Treadmills that use 30% less electricity than regular models
  • Purchase of slightly used equipment
  • LCD televisions vs. higher-energy-using plasmas
  • Member-controlled lights, televisions, and fans that are turned on only when needed
  • No bottled water sales; encourage use of refillable steel water bottles, which we do sell
  • Use all natural, non-VOC cleaning supplies and hand soap
  • Paper products (toilet tissue, paper towels, etc.) are all recycled paper
  • Eco-friendly building construction materials, including recycled rubber and Marmoleum flooring
  • Solar panels installed on the building exterior
  • Energy efficient ceiling fans
  • Compact fluorescent lighting

Our members are able to make the gym their own space by controlling their environment while saving the environment:

Don’t like the radio station? Change it.

Want to watch TV? Pick a station.

Want the lights off? Turn them off.

Treat the gym like home…

…and treat your planet like home.

Carbon Emissions Comparison with the Competition:

We surveyed local gyms in the Portland area, asking questions about electricity usage, water consumption, and other factors that contribute to an overall carbon emissions calculation. The data shows that The Green Microgym is by far the lowest producer of carbon emissions by facility square footage than any current model used by the competition.

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Our Data:

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Special Thanks to Maria Risk and Anne Marie McClaran